Datawrapper: Jordan’s Scoring Average & Dara Torres’s Metals

Jordan’s Scoring Average 1984-2003


The graphic provided in the link above creates a visual of basketball player Michael Jordan’s scoring average from the years 1984 to 2003. According to¬†Michael Jordan is easily known as one of the NBA’s most affluent players. Throughout Jordan’s career he has graced his fans and viewers with his playing skills and ambition. A deeper look into the graph displays that Jordan’s scoring averages peak around the years 1986/1987. His averages begin to decline around the years 1985/1986 and 1994/1995. Jordan injured his ankle in the years 1985/86 which could explain his low playing scores for those years. Continue reading “Datawrapper: Jordan’s Scoring Average & Dara Torres’s Metals”

Google My Maps: Salary Necessary For US Housing

Salary Necessary For US Housing

This map details the average price to purchase/own a home for various states in the USA. The map highlights a few states that offer buying prices from low, medium, to high range (Arizona, Washington, California). Based on the maps data it appears that the most affordable state to purchase a home in is Phoenix, Arizona. While the most expensive state to purchase a home in is San Francisco, California. The remainder of the map details buying prices for a multitude of other states in the US, creating a cohesive visual of the US housing market.

Chicago Pride Parade Attendance

Graphic: Chicago Pride Parade Attendance
Graphic: Chicago Pride Parade Attendance

Graphic: Chicago Pride Parade Attendance

Every year at the Chicago Pride Parade thousands of people from all demographics gather in celebration of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) rights. The celebration is one of Chicago’s largest and most well attended events. The two day festival takes place during the end of June when the weather is hot and ¬† chicagoans seek fun havens. The best part about the pride parade is that attendance is free for all and open to those of all ages.

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