Chicago Pride Parade Attendance

Graphic: Chicago Pride Parade Attendance
Graphic: Chicago Pride Parade Attendance

Graphic: Chicago Pride Parade Attendance

Every year at the Chicago Pride Parade thousands of people from all demographics gather in celebration of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) rights. The celebration is one of Chicago’s largest and most well attended events. The two day festival takes place during the end of June when the weather is hot and   chicagoans seek fun havens. The best part about the pride parade is that attendance is free for all and open to those of all ages.

According to the parade began in the year 1972 after a routine police raid against LGBT patrons took place in New York City during the month of June, 1969. Since the year 1972, the parade has taken place every year during the month of June. The crowd hosts about 750,000 people along blocks of Chicago’s north side from Montrose Avenue in Uptown to Sheridan Road in Lincoln Park. The most energetic viewing spots of the parade are in Boystown between Belmont Avenue and Grace Street.

Some other features of the parade include music, exhibitors, and food and drinks. The website offers some tips and tricks from previous pride parade attendees that suggests the best places to eat, what hotels to stay at, how much money to bring and where to park. The pride parade is an event that allows people from all areas of Chicago to come together and embrace those in the LGBT community, and those who are simply there to support LBGT rights.


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