Datawrapper: Jordan’s Scoring Average & Dara Torres’s Metals

Jordan’s Scoring Average 1984-2003


The graphic provided in the link above creates a visual of basketball player Michael Jordan’s scoring average from the years 1984 to 2003. According to Michael Jordan is easily known as one of the NBA’s most affluent players. Throughout Jordan’s career he has graced his fans and viewers with his playing skills and ambition. A deeper look into the graph displays that Jordan’s scoring averages peak around the years 1986/1987. His averages begin to decline around the years 1985/1986 and 1994/1995. Jordan injured his ankle in the years 1985/86 which could explain his low playing scores for those years.

His return from retirement in the years 1994/1995 could account for his low playing averages for those years, as he may have needed time to get back in the game.Additionally, Jordan joined the Washington Wizards the year of 2001/2002 when his playing average was also a bit lower than usual. This may have signaled a change of course as he adjusted to a new team. Overall, it is apparent in this graphic that although Jordan may have experienced some scoring hardships and career changes throughout his time with the NBA, he still remained a constant and well rounded player. Both basketball reference and NBA Encyclopedia provide comprehensive statistics of Jordan’s playing history throughout his NBA career.

Dara Torres Olympic Metals


According to Dara Torres is one of the top USA Olympic Swimmers in the female swimming division. At the age of 49 Torres has won 12 Olympic metals. In 2012 Torres at the age of 45 set out to become the oldest female Olympic Swimmer to compete in the USA games, but sadly she did not make the 2012 USA team. Nevertheless, the graphic above proves that Torres’s career was nothing shy of impressive. The graphic displays the years Torres competed in summer olympic games.

The numbers (1,2,3,7) displayed next to the years represents the rank Torres received for that game, these ranks determined what metal Torres was awarded. A ranking of one symbolizes a gold metal win, a ranking of two symbolizes a silver metal win, a ranking of three symbolizes a bronze metal win, any rank higher than three represents no metal won. The repetition of individual years symbolizes the number of games that took place for that year. For example, for the year 1988 Torres competed in three summer games where she ranked a seven, three, and two. This awarded her with a bronze and silver metal. According to the graph Torres has won 4 gold, 4 silver, and 4 bronze metals.

Torres statistics prove her diligence and tenaciousness for the sport. Since her last olympic encounter in 2012 the age of the oldest female olympian is now 30 years of age according to USA Swimming. This creates an even stronger reputation for Torres as her name will surely shine on as one of USA’s best female olympic athletes.


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